Dijiport Media & Dijiport Fair


With more than 12 years of industry publishing experience, Dijiport Media was established in early 2020. Dijiport Media brings together the world-famous brands that produce and implement solutions in the field of Measurement - Control and Automation and their readers who work in technical staff in the Turkish industry with different sectoral cover topics every month with Process Solutions, Digital Factory Solutions monthly publications, all social media channels and YouTube programmes. In order to further strengthen their cooperation, Dijiport brought together its solution-producing stakeholders with end users looking for solutions in their facilities at the MCA World Measurement Control and Automation Systems Exhibition , the first exhibition of the company in 2023.  

Dijiport Fuarcılık, which puts the profit purpose in the second plan, aims to focus only on the end user, who is one hundred percent qualified, without worrying about the additional costs and workload of additional services such as forklift, cleaning, water, electricity, car parking, which have become the drudgery of the exhibitors, unlike the usual fairs.


Dijiport Fuarcılık, which was established with 100 per cent Turkish capital, has established its entire focus on the visitor, and in order to ensure that the visitors who are authorised and responsible for the measurement - control and automation systems participating in the fair can be informed in the best way about the location, date, products and solutions of the exhibitors and the subjects they will present, almost all of the income obtained from the fair will be distributed to the visitors all year round;


Billboard, Megaboard and In-Stall Advertisement areas in Organised Industrial Zones,


Spot and Belt Advertisements in Turkey's Most Watched Thematic News Channels,


The most listened national, thematic and Turkish Pop radio channels,


Bus Superback advertising spaces in Istanbul,



Totems at airports and motorways,


It uses the Outdoor Advertising areas on the busy streets and motorways where the industry is concentrated in Turkey.